ajna villa and spa school

Luxury Hotels of the World , such as the Four Seasons and Ayana Resort are adjacent to each number, in the ever popular area Jimbaran in Bali , is a school that you can learn while staying healing of authentic Bali spa techniques in a group lesson from the one-on-one lessons.
Trainer is also fluent in Japanese veteran therapist of more than therapist history 10 years.
From beginners , such as the skills course towards the professional therapist , you can attend in suits style to each person.
This is the first even more of one and one person that is going to Bali can study in peace facility .
So has partnered with Japanese PUAMANA (3 shops in Hokkaido ) Japanese correspondence course, it is also safe of support after returning home.
Bali stay in school salon of purchase and purchase of support in between , tourist information , we will also arrange such activities such as marine sports.

■ Please contact us here from the address for details and reservations of school.

1day school1day Therapist experience(Lesson(3hour),Massage(experience) / Balinese massage(back or leg) or Creambath)

one person 180USD
・about 9:00am Pick-up in hotel
・10:00am 〜 12:00pm Lesson(2hour)
・12:00pm 〜 1:00pm Lunch
・1:00pm 〜 2:00pm Lesson(1hour)
・2:00pm 〜 3:00pm Massage(experience)

※Please contact us for more details.


2day school2days course(Included lunch / Balinese massage,Abhyanga,Hot stone massage)

one person 45,000yen
【First day】 ・Pick-up in hotel/airport
・10:00am 〜 12:00pm Lesson
・12:00pm 〜 1:00pm Lunch
・1:00pm 〜 4:00pm Lesson
・16:00 〜 17:00 Treatment(experience)
【2nd day】 ・10:00am 〜 12:00pm Lesson
・12:00pm 〜 1:00pm Lunch
・1:00pm 〜 2:00pm Lesson
・2:00pm 〜 4:00pm test

※Please contact us for more details.


3day school3days course(Included lunch)

one person 62,000yen
(A) Please choose one lesson (Balinese massage / Abhyanga / Hot stone massage)
(B) lease choose one lesson (Creambath / Aroma facial / Herbal Therapy / Traditional Body Scrub)
【First day】 ・Pick-up in hotel/airport
・10:00am 〜 12:00pm Lesson(A)
・12:00pm 〜 1:00pm Lunch
・1:00pm 〜 4:00pm Lesson(A)
・4:00pm 〜 5:00pm Treatment experience(A)
【2nd day】 ・10:00am 〜 12:00pm Lesson(A)
・12:00pm 〜 1:00pm Lunch
・1:00pm 〜 3:00pm lesson(A)
【Third day】 ・10:00am 〜 12:00pm Lesson(B)
・12:00pm 〜 1:00pm Lunch
・1:00pm 〜 2:00pm Lesson(B)
・2:00pm 〜 4:00pm Test

※Please contact us for more details.


5day school5days course(Breakfast and lunch included / Pick-up in hotel/airport)

one person 100,000yen
Balinese Course (Balinese massage・Traditional Body Scrub・Creambath)

Ayurveda Course (Abhyanga・Abhyanga facial・Herbal Therapy)

※Please contact us for more details.


Option menu

option menu(one day ¥20,000)
Balinese bosy2days
Aroma facialA day and a half
Ayurveda bosy2days
Hot stone bodyA day and a half
Hot stone facialA day and a half
Herbal Therapy1day
CreambathA day and a half


  • It can be changed by skill or schedule.
  • Please contact us for more details.


  • Please contact us for more details.